OMO Sales Ecosystem

OMO Sales Ecosystem: Online Store ‧ Mobile App ‧ POS ‧ ERP ‧ AI Logistics ‧ Digital Marketing 6-in-1 platform

Boost your Offline Business to Online

EaseSales has served over 6,000 international brands including main industries: Jewellery, Apparel, Beauty, Furniture, Travel, Property, Banking, Food and Beverage. We support retailers to quickly create responsive online stores, native mobile app and POS which can seamlessly integrate physical stores with online business in few hours.

Developed 99% in-house, EaseSales provides the 6-in-1 OMO Sales Ecosystem to best suit your business needs. You can customize your responsive online store and native mobile app layout design integrated with functional module plugin: social media sites, blog, instant messaging, chatbot, livechat, eForm and social interactive CRM system. With our seamless integration of online to offline sales ecosystem and powerful features including built-in big data analytics, digital marketing automation, AI logistic system, promotion packages and business analytic tools, we can help you to boost sales and expand your business globally!

Key Features

Customize your online store design, smart screen size adaptation to multiple devices

Customize your UI design format with easy drag and drop layout features, you can simply apply the design to your web store or mobile app without requiring any technical skills. Its responsive setting can adapt to all desktop, tablet and mobile devices to fulfill all your business needs in creating a unique and powerful online store and mobile app.

Get the best native mobile app and POS for ultimate user experience

The native mobile app and POS guarantee quality, speed and smoother performance. The platform supports auto-syncing all online and offline data (including inventory, sales records, member bonus points rewards, etc) and is fully functional while offline, optimizing the ultimate user experience with high stability and compatibility.

Real 3-in-1 responsive online store, native mobile app and POS, auto syncing data OMO

Our cloud-based retail system supports multi-stores with a single database (compatible with native iOS, Android and PC) and can be expanded to online store and mobile app, enabling you to keep track of stocks, transaction records, product information and member bonus points, etc. Both mobile app and POS can run in offline mode.

Omni communication channels, increase sales orders processing efficiency

Omni communication channels allow you to process sales orders from multi-sales portals: online store, mobile app, POS through centralized livechat, eForm, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WeChat, etc. EaseSales improving interaction with customer and growing your customer base.

Omni-channels, cross-border automated digital marketing

Multiple promotion bundles such as member rewards, member get member referral program, discount offers, birthday offers and free shipping rules are available for you to incentivize potential customers.

Real-time big data analytics, business growth in the big data era

Convert useful data into charts and diagrams to assist you in making performance reviews and to better visualize strategic planning. Dynamic detailed reports include hot products, click-through rates and sales rankings, etc.

Smart AI logistic fulfillment, providing the best logistic and warehouse solutions for your business

EaseSales AI logistic solutions - SpeedGoGo provides 2 - 4 hours local same day delivery and the smart OMO in-store pickup service. SpeedGoGo AI calculation to find the shortest logistic route and optimize delivery arrangement, making for a flexible and faster delivery experience.

Accept extensive payment methods, track orders on the fly

Support multiple payment options such as PayPal, Octopus, Visa, Master, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Payme, FPS, PPS, WeChat Pay, Alipay to suit your business needs and make each transaction quick and easy.

Powerful membership management, loyalty program and social interactive CRM

Manage and leverage your member database to keep track of membership points, purchase records and preferences in order to setup automatic re-marketing promotion to stimulate upselling and cross-selling. Multi-level membership and referral rewards program for target customers to build customer loyalty and retention.

OMO sales portals integration, seamlessly connecting social media network

Combining OMO sales portals with the world's largest eCommerce platform: Tmall, JD, and Amazon, etc. You can reach your target customer through social media and instant messenger: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WeChat for delivering product information, promotion, and order tracking to drive business growth.

One-Stop logistic and merchandising solutions to seamlessly integrate B2B and B2C supply chains

As a one-stop hybrid platform, we integrate merchandising, sales, marketing and logistic services to ensure the best resources allocation. We support B2B and B2C business model in achieving zero inventory management, effectively managing and optimizing the supply chain to enhance competitiveness and increase market share.

Curation and multimedia management, cloud based big data analytics

EaseSales AI Curation Engine can categorize all product information (including text, images and videos) according to the product description, price, specification, supplier, inventory and sales data. Connecting to cloud database, the AI technology will filter out useful content to optimize product ranking and accuracy, which is cost-effective compared to traditional methods.

Get the most from customer journey mapping with OMO analytics

EaseSales AI technology and consumer behaviour segmentation prediction maximize sales conversions by analyzing the digital customer journey, through: tracking browse record in online stores and mobile apps; AI cameras in physical stores to track facial and eyeballs to predict preference; iBeacon detecting product attractiveness.
By using OMO analysis and setting product life cycle auto
replenishment promotion alert, we can enhance engagement touchpoints across the customer journey to transform sales conversion across all verticals.


*1. "Native" mobile app can be used offline which is faster to open and access anytime. Our EaseSales native mobile app and POS can solve the problems of web app that are unavailable when offline and the variations of data consistency.

^2. EaseSales OMO Sales Ecosystem is a 99% self-development platform which available offline operation and software and hardware integration. Our dedicated team supports continuous updating and create smooth user experience when compared to other third-party platforms.