Mobile APP

Mobile APP

EaseSales can build an iOS and Android-based APP for businesses with strong stability, low latency, and strong usability. Regardless of e-commerce, online stores and social media platforms, all functions can all be realized to meet consumer demand as to manage the needs of stores and different industries.


▹ With sales performance, promotions, membership programs and big data

▹ Customized functions and suitable for all types of business and industry needs


▹ Latest eCommerce trends to create an optimized customer experience.

▹ Increase brand value 


▹ Effective and quickly access

▹ Less cluttered and support swipe gestures that can enhance user experience


▹ Stable and secure operating environment for customers.

Make your brand stand out, bringing unprecedented customer experience

The number of smartphone users worldwide is estimated to reach five billion, build a mobile app store is not only a trend to stand out your brand but also a great way to attract more customers to your business and increase sales.

▹ Interface design

▹ Brand and sales management


▹ Targeted promotions

Mobile APP Key Features

▸Global sales strategy◂

Supported with extensive currencies and various payment options. Logistic methods between local and international courier can deliver a flexible and seamless shopping experience.

▸Membership systems◂

Multi-level memberships can be set to enjoy different benefits and promotional bundles.

▸Real time synchronization◂

Connects and real time synchronization with APP Store and POS. Membership, rewards and coupons can be used across all channels.

▸Big data analysis ◂

A sophisticated analysis report is capable to convert to promotional criteria.

▸Unlimited push notifications◂

Deliver special offers, transaction status alert and other promotion messages with pre-set schedule.

▸Marketing automation◂

Offers sent automatically according to the result of big data analysis to stimulate upsell and cross sell.